Why hire a general contractor?

As a homeowner, you may not understand the many risks involved in managing a construction project or major renovation from start to finish. Even if you an experienced handyman, are knowledgeable about construction, or just enjoy doing work yourself, acting as your own general requires an entirely different set of skills. To do a job well, you must plan every aspect of the project at the outset. And once you get started, many tasks require the knowledge of an experienced firm like DeForest Builders, such as arranging for permit inspections, wiring and positioning of all electrical outlets, and coordinating various subcontractors. While taking on the role of general contractor may save you money, it will very likely cost you time and quality of the finished product. To an inexperienced person, managing your own renovation or other project can be very stressful.


Cory DeForest

Cory DeForest


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Patrick Sullivan


Restoring a devastated house after a natural disaster does not happen overnight. It may even take as long as years to build back something that had been viciously destroyed. The same goes with finally deciding to remodel or redesign your kitchen or bathroom layout. That is why, DeForest Builders ensures residences in Houston, Sugar Land and Katy TX to always have a team of experts they can always immediately call on to do the job.

We are dedicated to giving the best home solutions to rebuild a space after a sudden calamity hits your area or when you decide to redesign your exterior or interior house conditions. With the services furnished through years of experience in the field – from kitchen, bathroom remodeling to a partial or whole renovation, we give you all the best of best quality of service you deserve.

Houston, Sugar Land including Katy TX is the central focus where we are actively operating in. From the problems in kitchen countertops, cracked bathroom tiles or implementing new home designs or kitchen to bath layouts, we get the job, you’ll get what you exactly want.

The team of home experts we have in DeForest Builders are always passionate about pushing the best quality of service for our beloved customers. We listen and observe every detail, integrating the newest change in home or building international or national standard codes. That is why we are still one of the chosen home building contractors in Houston, Sugar Land or even in Katy TX even before our establishment in 2007.

Prime quality above all is what we always ensure. This is how DeForest Builders is built. This is how it is known to the market even up to the present time. Whether it be in home restoration, kitchen or bath remodeling, residential or commercial renovation designs, the unparalleled quality of building a house after a catastrophe or implementing designs and renovation is something that will always differentiate DeForest Builders among other companies in Houston, Sugar Land and Katy TX.

Likewise, what also differentiates us the most is the uniqueness of end product we put in the kitchen, bathroom or during a whole house renovation in every home. The DeForest team of experts are not just known in quality but in sophisticated creativity. No house is the same in terms of designs. So, we consistently make sure that all renovations, remodeling or restorations get a fair share of unparalleled quality of design crafted through the state-of-the-art materials it necessitates while making a space uniquely different from other houses. Thus, giving owners exterior and interior designs they can always call theirs.

You can never go wrong in choosing the best team of building contractors and home experts in Houston, Sugar Land and Katy TX. Whether you are having minor or major issues about your kitchen framework or bathroom, we have the finest state-of-the-art materials to solve everything that’s continuously bothering you.

At DeForest Builders, from residential or even commercial space restoration, bath or kitchen remodeling, your biggest decision in life might be your biggest achievement in time.

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