If your home doesn’t look the way you want it to, but you don’t have a ton of money to fix it, you might be tempted to hire a cheap contractor to do the job. However, this could be a mistake. There is usually a reason why a product or service is discounted. Here are a few reasons why hiring the cheapest contractor can be a huge mistake:


Team members on a contracting job often find themselves on ladders, using heavy machinery or equipment, and working for long hours in the heat. Cheaper contractors may not be insured. If a team member is hurt on the job and they don’t have insurance, they could try to make you take the fall for their injury. This would mean that you would likely have to pay for their medical bills since the injury happened on your property. This is a loop hole a lot of contracting companies try to abuse. If the contracting company you are looking to hire is cheap, check to make sure they have adequate insurance. If they aren’t willing to share that with you, they are probably not insured and not the best option for you.


Cheaper contractors may do whatever they can to save money, including cutting corners. This could mean that they suggest working without a permit when building an addition onto your home, or they could remodel or repair your home in a sloppy manner in order to get the job done quickly so they can move on to another one. If you don’t get the proper permits, you could face being shut down or being fined for not going through the proper legal channels. If the contractor’s team does a lousy job, you could end up in a potentially hazardous home. Be sure your home repair or renovation is completed the right way. Make sure permits are attained and that the process isn’t being rushed.


On the cusp of cutting corners is not using quality materials. Instead of using materials that will be sturdy and stand the test of time and storm, a cheaper contractor may decide to use flimsy materials for your renovation or repair. This can lead to further issues with your home and a potentially unsafe home that could eventually collapse or begin to fail. Make sure you check with the contractor on the job about what materials they will be using in your home. Most contractors will allow you to have a choice of your materials.


As you can see, hiring the cheapest contractor isn’t a great idea. Remodeling a home isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t have to be overly expensive. The DeForest Builders team offers affordable home renovation and repair in Houston, Texas. For more information, or for a free quote on your home project, visit DeForestBuilders.com. You can also call 832-459-2089 or email info@deforestbuilders.com for further information.

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