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Our Work is as much about character as it is about craftsmanship. It’s a symbol of our commitment and a reflection of the lives of those who enjoy it.

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Our Work is as much about character as it is about craftsmanship. It’s a symbol of our commitment and a reflection of the lives of those who enjoy it.


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A design-build delivery method is a shift from the more traditional design-bid-build delivery of construction contracts. Successful design-build projects offer an owner many benefits that add value to a project.


Since 2008, DeForest Builders has been involved in over 400 Residential Re-Roofs and proudly can state we have never been called back for any warranty issues that turned out to be roof related. We take pride in our reputation for both professional and quality workmanship. My Foremen are highly trained and oversee all Installs.


Adding a room to your house isn’t just a simple upgrade. You need a team that understands your home’s current dimensions and aesthetics, working to create a customized room addition that keeps your home’s beauty in the right balance while offering expanded, comfortable space.

REmodeling HOUSTON’S older HOUSES with updated trends

Looking for an excellent team of brilliant contractors and home builders to fulfill your home remodeling ideas? Let’s turn them into reality! At DeForest Builders we will hold the promise of ensuring an unparalleled quality of service – from minor roof repairs and metal roof installation up to major home renovations.

, Painting Remodeling or repairing a part or whole residential or commercial space might be one of the biggest decision you will ever make in your life these days. Many second thoughts might also keep you awake and worried at night. Worry no more, DeForest Builders is here to help you dissolve all the worries you have in mind.

As one of the most trusted brands in terms of residential and commercial roofing, home repairs, residential space remodeling, home restoration service providers since 2007, operating in Houston, Katy and Sugar Land TX and in the surrounding places, we have already established an identity as a company of expert roofing contractors who will deliver premium quality of service right from the start up to the end.

DeForest Builders is built by the principle of quality craftsmanship and on time. To give a satisfactory outcome to our beloved clients in Houston, Katy and Sugar Land TX, we make sure to keep a tab on how they exactly want their homes to be built, repaired or fully-refurbished. Aesthetics and state-of-the-art materials are as well on the list of what DeForest Builders services are prominently known of.

Our value of time is also a significant and defining factor of the continued successful operations of DeForest Builders. In 2007, the company has had its humble beginning as experts known for metal roof repairs and replacement for devastated homes in Houston, Katy, and Sugar Land TX.

Although restoration of residences is not easy as one might think, we always make sure up until today that within the specified time, we will already accomplish residential repairs, metal roof replacement, and other roofing services as quickly as needed while not compromising the quality, above all. So, our customers can regain their devastated homes and continue life even after a saddening upheaval of nature.

Most of the days while thinking about a remodeling or repair decision are about how will you be able to make your ideas happen. At the very beginning, DeForest Builders will determine what you want to know what exactly needs to be done and how to do it. So, worry no more. At DeForest Builders, your residential or commercial space problems is securely in good hands of the best of best contractors and home experts in Houston, Katy and Sugar Land TX.

Our list of services primarily includes metal roof repairs and replacement, metal roof installation, minor and major home remodeling services. At, DeForest Builders, expect to have the premium quality of output on time without having the need to pay upfront costs when deciding to install or repair metal roofs.

Apart from the mentioned services, our team of contractors and builders also render services in Houston, Katy and Sugar Land TX such as:

✅  Kitchen and Bath Remodeling, New Flooring

✅ Home Renovations – From Tearing down walls to adding 1st and 2nd Story Additions

✅ Exterior Siding repair, installation or replacement, Painting

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 Our Process

[1] Initial Meetings.

[2] Space Measurement.

[3] Project Selection Meeting.

[4] Design Package Review.

[5] Initial Budget Review.

[6] Selection Finalization.

[7] Construction Agreement & Deposit.

[8] Pre-Construction Hand-Off Meeting.

[9] Start of Construction.

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At Deforest Builders, We are  focused on REBUILDING HOUSTON’S DEVASTATED FLOODED HOUSES. We prided ourselves for our keen eye, sense of detail, and listening ear. You’re the expert at knowing what you want and we’re the expert on the construction side. Allow our team to take your horribly damaged home and put it back together quickly with the greatest of care and qualtiy.


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